Stångs magasin

Welcome to the restaurant by the river

Stångs magasin

We´d like our guests to experience what we so passionately believe in, qualitative and wellmade food. It may sound trivial but it is that simple.

Stångs Magasin is a perfect meetingplace for all occasions; to meet for lunch or dinner, just drink a glas of wine or try Stångs 4-course dinner.

The restaurant is wonderfully located by the river Stångån in the central parts of Linköping.
The dining room has history and charm from 1805, and from our glassveranda there is a nice view over the river.

The quality of our food is a very important part but also the experience of being here.
Welcome to a dining experience that is timeless, genuine and personal.


Welcome to

the restaurant by the river

We offer our two 4-course menues, smaller dishes from our bar menu and on saturdays we also serve brunch.


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Food at Stångs

The basis of our food is the natural qualitative raw ingredient. We value and want to preserve the authentic taste of the raw ingredients when we cook.

By establishing a close cooperation with ambitious producers, most of them local, who share our respect and care for plants, animals and nature, we are also involved in shaping a vibrant, organic gastronomy in constant development.

Our menu is seasonal and change over time and our cuisine is based on classic Swedish flavours.

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If you would like to book a table or know more about Stångs Magasin, don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone or e-mail.

If the reservation is for 10 persons or more a pre-ordered menu is mandatory.


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It's the details that make Stångs to what it is

“It’s hard to explain – and believe me, I’ve tried – but for me the real magic is in the details. It’s the details that make Stångs to what it is!”

“Actually, it’s probably a combination of everything, the location and atmosphere, openness and the amazing mix of impressions and personalities. That you always feel welcome. Above all, it’s about the feeling that everything originates from a genuine love for the experience, craftsmanship and the raw materials. That everything exudes quality, while the experience is so casual. That’s why I come back, time after time after time.”